Saving Schemes

You can grow your money with us

  1. You can open a savings account with a minimum balance of Rs 500 and earn a interest of 4% per annum compunding half yearly. With a minimum balance of Rs 1000 you can avail a facility of CTS cheque book also.

  2. Saving Bank Bima Yojana Accounts
  3. Under this scheme we provide accidental death insurance of Rs 1 lakh, 2 lakh and 5 lakhs

Term Deposit Schemes

Our fixed deposit schemes are flexible and cater to your flexible needs. You can open a fixed deposit for a period ranging from as little as 7 days to 120 months. You can choose what to do with interest earned on these fixed deposits. Options include re-investing interest to your deposit every 3 months, or getting your interest in your savings account every month, every 3 month, every six month, or on maturity.

Following are our current rate of interests: